Spain is Racist

Spain Map Spain is Racist
Spain is one place that I can unequivocally say I shall not go to again. I heard that they were racist bitches and I really saw it too. From the stares to being treated as if you are invisible it is a place that certainly does not need to be considered in future vacation plans.

At one point at the airport in Madrid we were searching for the Air Europa check in desk. My friend with a smile on her face approached one of the airport staff and started to ask him if he knew where we could find the check in desk. With a look of sheer disgust on his face he put his hand up to her face waving her off like a flea Ricki Lake, “talk to the hand cos the face ain’t listening” style and walked off. I could not believe my eyes… Fuck Spain!


  1. I'm really sorry you have that opinion and experience but please, don't judge a whole country for just one unfortunate experience with an a–hole!

    I invite you ove to Mallorca anytime so you can have more pleasant experiences in my country and with other Spaniards like myself!

  2. Lol That was how I felt at the time that I wrote it… I don't hate all Spaniards but I don't wanna go back there!

  3. Diary of a mad black man says:

    I agree that not all of them are racist but a lot of them have those tendencies. Take for instances what happens in Spanish speaking areas on the western side of the world. Some of them hate blackness so much that they can't even claim it. They had to learn it somewhere.

    I've also heard that from other black people that have traveled to Spain about the racism. Its such a shame. I saw this special about Bahia in Brazil, hopefully they would treat you better.

  4. I think I have found people that trump the Spanish… THE ITALIANS LMAO let me stop.

    I love Bahia, in fact I'm about to do some I love Bahia posts… It too has its issues but it just feels like “home” to me.

  5. Guest says:

    Spanish are indeed racist.
    Italians are indeed more racist
    Arabs are racist than both.

  6. I can’t even disagree with that!

  7. Guest says:

    Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are also racist since they are mostly Italians and Spanish.

  8. Yeah they tend to have an arrogant air because they see themselves as the Europeans of South America…

  9. Guest says:

    Hungarians are also racist. They are completely similar to Italians. Heck there flag is even the same with the colors going a different direction.

  10. The problem with this is different people will have different experiences.
    I’ve lived in the Middle East and know lots of Arabs and didn’t feel they were notoriously racist. In fact I had a great time living there.
    It’s hard to paint an entire group of people in a certain way.
    Plus I have been to Argentina and met lots of Argentines and didn’t think they were any more racist than another nationality.

    It’s all personal experience at the end of the day.

  11. Guest says:

    Much of Europe is overrated and far too expensive anyway.

  12. Guest says:

    Others that are racist:

    Easter Europeans

  13. Dapperdude690 says:

    Agree fully…. thats exactly the reason i dread having to spend a weekend all alone in Italy …later this month. Was browsing this blog and similar blogs to find some getaways ….where i wld be left alone or have a partner to hang out who is not racist!

    • I wouldnt worry about it. Its only a weekend. What are you going there for anyway. As it happens I’ll be passing through Madrid again this year. Just for a layover though.

  14. Guest says:

    Corruption in Italy on Rise: Report

    For 65 percent of Italians corruption seriously increased in last three years, especially among political parties and institutions, said a report issued on Thursday.

    But it’s not just a mere perception of corruption, rather a concrete one. Almost one million Italians, 3.8 percent of the total, have recently been forced to pay a bribe to a politician or a functionary, according to a statement by Transparency International Italy.

    The data is quite alarming and demonstrates the growing mistrust Italians have in the political world and its protagonists, especially in such a delicate moment when voters might soon be called to an early vote was the current government to collapse.

    The most corrupted are considered the political parties, the institutions, functionaries and officials, men of parliament but even the media, the police and the industrial sector while education is seen as a more “clean”sphere.

    In the last three years bribes were paid by Italians mainly to obtain special building permits, to tax officials, doctors and even judges.

    Compared to the rest of Europe, the report highlighted that despite the high level of bribery Italians are most worried about the spread of corruption.

    Maria Teresa Brassiolo, president of Transparency International Italy, warned on the results of the study and noted that the elevated corruption negatively influenced the confidence of Italians in their country’s top institutions.

    “Unfortunately, such a scenario determines that citizens trust nobody,”she said.

  15. This entire conversation is racist! I don’t think anyone should go anywhere expecting employees of a hotel or airport to throw their arms around them and love them. Unrealistic. You’re probably among the first dark-skinned people the citizens have ever seen. Just like if somebody with green skin came here to the United States, don’t lie, we’d ALL be staring at him or her and making them feel uncomfortable. Just go, do your thing, and unless the police arrest you and treat you like a drug runner, enjoy yourself, vote with your wallet, & move on!

    • Fabiola says:

      @Iris – From your writing I can assume that you are a racist too. While we don’t expect everyone working in the hotel or airport to kiss and hug us but they should provide a good service because after all they are working in SERVICE INDUSTRY.

      The lady who wrote the blog is NOT GREEN SKINNED! If she were a green skinned woman (and nobody in this world had ever seen one), I too would be starring at her and gave any gestures that supports my amazement.

      I found that your comment is quiet rude since the blog doesn’t belong to you! But then when I read it more you wrote that you’re an american, an arrogant white american. No wonder :-)

  16. Rania says:

    Pity you had a bad experience in Spain- I lived in Spain for a couple of months on two different occasions- Spanish people do have a tendency to stare at women a lot- this is not racist; if you speak Spanish, they are more likely to warm to you. In fact, I found Italians far more racist than the Spaniards.

  17. Jam says:


    I have been to Madrid and it sucks big time, there are so many people who try to trick you. One old bitch and his bitch ass partner snatched 500€ from my friend. I met a fake policeman in the Metro. As, I was there in a conference, around 50 people had some kind of incidents in one week. The arrangement in the conference was also really really bad. They were giving us the same food everyday like we were in some jail.
    This is the country that I will never visit again.
    Fuck Spain.

  18. Avatar1596 says:

    blacks are hated by all white majority countries – this is a fact that is the legacy of colonialism, enslavement and global white supremacy.    all countries where the population wish they were white hate blacks, this specifically include chinese, japanese and regrettably indians.   the only safe havens for blacks is the caribbean and Africa, and few other odd pockets such as Bahia, Fiji, Melanesia in general & pockets of United States.    Pigment is hated global due to centuries of white supremacist indoctrination.    Don’t waste your time travelling anywhere except to black countries or black areas – and even there you still have to pick and choose cuz many of the population has been messed up psychologically with self-hate colourism.    Good luck y’all but thats the sum truth.    If you feel like travelling to white countries then do it for “status” not for fun, because you will not have fun.    Go to St Tropez (France), Geneva (Switzerland), Paris for bragging rights but spend your true time in Bahia, Fiji, Ghana, Bahamas, etc to feel and home (ps:  the blacks in Fiji are great but beware the Indians there are shockingly more backwards than the indians in india…and thats hard to do).

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