Chasing A Rastaman Called Viviane

It started off with a kiddie’s party. My friend’s son’s first birthday.”1 today!” “Happy Birthday!” While I was setting the tables up I started nibbling, Marshmellows, Tortillas, Mini chocolate sponge cakes, Chocolate rice krispy cakes… Ooooh remind me of coco pops… Turns the milk chocolatey. Popcorn, Nuts, Jelly babies. Somebody please put some sellotape over my mouth! By the time the real food came I was bursting, but being the glutton that I am I managed to find room.

Are Abusive Parents The Cause Of Childhood Obesity?

Overfeeding children is being likened to starving children. To an extent that is true as both have negative consequences but the difference is that parents who overfeed their children have different intentions to those that starve their children’s. Food is used as a treat, lack of food a punishment. Many parents think that they are showing their love by overfeeding their children. Although I was never fat as a kid and it wasn’t unhealthy stuff she would do it with my mother was definitely a “feeder.”

Their Mothers Thought About Aborting Them

My work colleague told me today that his mother almost went through with an abortion when she was pregnant with him. His father and his father’s friends were pressuring her and she even made it to the clinic, but then at the last minute decided against going through with the operation. I asked him how he felt about that, whether it made him feel differently towards her or whether he was angry that she even thought about it. Au contraire, he said that he felt blessed to know that his mother had in fact kept him. He said that after knowing this he always felt extra-special.

Kissing Cousins – How Would You Handle This Situation?

Chrystal has two children, a 8-year old (Sophie) and a newborn. She was with the kids at her house as well as two other children she was baby sitting who are brother and sister. The girl is her daughter’s friend (Marika) who is also 8 and the little boy (Tim) is 4. Got that? At some point in the evening a friend of hers, Dana comes around with her daughter Tia and nephew Matthew. Tia is 4, as is the little boy.

You Birthed The Spawn Of Satan So Deal With It

This lady comes in to fill in an application form. She comes in with two kids. One is about 9, I’d say and the other about 5. She sits down at a table and starts filling an application form and puts the two boys on some other chairs nearby. She has her back to them. The littlest one is a terror. First he opens one of the doors and starts running down the corridor. The woman just turns and glares at the oldest one. Its a glare that she probably gives him every day. He knows what it means and he shoots after the little one. Taking hold of him forcibly as the terror is screaming and wailing at not being able to run free.

Unruly Children Annoy Me

unruly child

You can see your child picking up everything and causing a RUCKUS. CONTROL YOUR KIDS BEHAVIOUR! Damnit! One little boy is walking around picking up everything and making a lot of noise. His mother is ignoring him and every now and then shouts, “stop it!” to which he replies “NO!” Or some other piece of rudeness that he feels fit to say to her. Why is he running around into chairs and tables and your irresponsible ass does not do a damn thing?