You Cannot Wear Pink Panties With a Chiffon Cream Dress

Natasha Vodka Brazil

It has been a while since I wrote about what has been going on here, so here is a quick summary for you. Sasha came from Rio and stayed for a week. He was the guy that I met here last year through the Rogue Trader. I hooked him up with an apartment from Dona Maria Jose, the lady I got mine from. In Dona Maria Jose news. I found out that the oven in my apartment had a gas leak (or so it seemed as everytime I put the oven on the partment would fill with the smell of gas.) She sent a technician round and he couldn’t fix it. One day I bumped into her in the bank the day after the technician was supposed to make the second visit. I told her that he didn’t come. I was then told that they were waiting for parts to come through from Sao Paulo.

I Hate Shopping

I tried to go shopping today. I say tried because my attempt was highly unsuccessful. I tell you I hate shopping. I got hot, took off my scarf, then got cold, so put it back on and then started sweating like a pig. All in the name of trying to pick up a few clothes this is what I had to go through. The lights in these stores are so bright and hot. They give me migraines and make me want to throw up.