Another Job Interview Turned Disastrous

Fire Exit

I went for an interview and it went really well. I had a good rapport with the interviewers. It was very informal and laid back. When the interview ended I had a good feeling about it. Maybe THIS was THE job! As I left it was like I was walking on clouds. I was lightheaded and giddy. I walked down a corridor that lead off the room I had just been interviewed in, looking for the way out. I was slightly hot and in need of some fresh air. I saw a door nearby that looked like it lead outside. I pushed it open.

The Worst Job Interview Ever

Death By Powerpoint

It was an interview for International Representative at a private college. I was wary about going because when they invited me to interview the salary was less than advertised, plus it was commission based. Nevertheless when they called to offer me an interview I agreed to go. Part of the interview was for me to prepare a presentation. I’d been on two other interviews that month that I had really prepared for and not got the jobs, so in my smart way of thinking *CTFU* I thought let me do the presentation on PowerPoint and then try and improvise a little bit when it comes down to it on the day.