Disgracing myself at Superdrugs


o today after work I went into Superdrug’s (That is like CVS, Eckard or Walgreens for you Americans) to pick up a few bits and pieces. I got to the till and when the lady who was the cashier scanned through my facewash I thought I saw it come up as £3.99 despite being advertised as £2.49. I picked up the face wash and asked her, “Did this come up as £3.99?” She replied, “Yeah” “Oh I saw it advertised on the shelf for £2.49.” She pressed the bell to call for assistance. You know where they get some skivvy running up to the till that gets sent to go and check the price, usually where the bar code has rubbed off. The skivvy comes and sees the face wash (Johnson & Johnson’s Daily Exfoliating Wash in case you were wondering) and says, “Oh that is definitely on special offer.”