The Worst Job Interview Ever

Death By Powerpoint

It was an interview for International Representative at a private college. I was wary about going because when they invited me to interview the salary was less than advertised, plus it was commission based. Nevertheless when they called to offer me an interview I agreed to go. Part of the interview was for me to prepare a presentation. I’d been on two other interviews that month that I had really prepared for and not got the jobs, so in my smart way of thinking *CTFU* I thought let me do the presentation on PowerPoint and then try and improvise a little bit when it comes down to it on the day.

Running Into Anthony Anderson At Lenox Mall

So on Saturday we went to Lenox. So many pretty men that aren’t into women that it is unreal! Saw Anthony Anderson cruising the mall. Patrice had a mad outburst and literally ran up to him, crashing into him in the process. The conversation went something like this: Patrice: Thats that guy. He’s kind of famous… comedian in films

The Bounce In Bankhead Atlanta

Gold Grill

A British friend of mine told me that she had went to The Bounce in Bankhead. She warned me not to go there (not the area, the club.) She said that she was on edge as soon as she walked in. Even though she had enjoyed it somewhat she said that there was always the feeling that something was going to kick off and that there was a fight between two sets of girls the night that she went. Not only were girls fighting, but there were also plenty of girls with gold grills.

Homeless In South Beach Miami

Clay Hostel and Hotel

It was the summer of 1999 and I was 19 and on holiday in Maryland and Miami with 3 friends. In Maryland we all stayed with one of the girl’s uncle and then we had booked a week stop over in Miami, but had not booked accommodation or even thought about it. We figured we would just find it when we got there How on earth we were going to do this with suitcases in tow I don’t even know. But at the time, we didn’t care our attitude was completely care free.

Bleaching Cream Rots The Brain

skin bleaching

This bleached out woman just came in… Her face was so bleached and burnt that her lips had turned black and her skin was thin and with loads of dark blemishes, like she had been prodded a few times with a freshly lit cigarette. Her skin looked grey, not even brown… and definitely not light skinned which is the look I’m sure she was going for burning herself up like that.

Hello Pussy

Brixton Train Platform

Last night I was standing on the train platform waiting for my train home in the subzero British weather and my phone rang. Before I had the chance to say hello… My ears witnessed an emotional torrent. It was Ruth, shrieking down the phone in an incensed manner, “He said Hello Pussy… can you believe it??? HELLO PUSSY!!!” I had left her a few minutes previously and in this short space of time a random man took it upon himself to bestow upon her a “Hello Pussy” greeting. What kind of man greets a woman like this?