Fighting For A Space On The Ferry At Barra

At Barra we buy our ferry tickets and wait for the ferry to come. After 30 minutes we are concerned that nothing is happening. Mary talks to a few people and it turns out that some people have been waiting since 1pm. There have been no ferries from that time which would explain the masses of people waiting. The ferry was being used solely for the African heads and their entourages. We figure that Gadaffi left Korrang before us, so the ferry should be ready any time soon.

Attempting to Travel Back To Banjul During The African Union Summit

Jacob is not coming back with us to Gambia. He is having a whale of a time meeting various family members and so decides to stay a bit longer. We are a bit worried because we have no idea how we are getting back. We had a stroke of luck on the way to Dakar in that we got a ride the whole way. We know there is no direct bus to the ferry in Barra but Jacob is quite nonchalant…

Road Trip To Senegal

I had started my period on Friday night and did not still expect to be bleeding too much, but I was. Whilst sitting in this man’s car waiting to board the ferry it occurred to me that it might be a great idea for me to use the toilet, as who knows when I would get to use on again. There was a public toilet not too far from the car, so that was where I headed.