My Friend Is a Schizophrenic


I was thinking about my friend Dwight who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. We lost contact for about a year or two but then about 3 years ago he started calling much more regularly than he had been but he would always sound weird… His voice was really dragged out and slow. The first time I heard him speak like that I asked him, “What’s wrong with your voice?”

The Joy Of Being A Nose Picker

Nose Picker

I was just thinking last night about unnecessary lies and why people tell em. I can understand lying to reassure someone or make them feel good… you know things that it is acceptable to lie about. I have a friend who gets a kick out of lying, well I assume she must do or she wouldn’t do it so much…I have come to the conclusion that maybe she felt neglected as a child and is trying to make up for it now. I remember her telling me that she couldn’t pick her nose because her nostrils were too small (I know gross right) and I actually felt sorry for her because, on the real; imagine never being able to pick your nose…