A Step By Step Guide To Putting In A Hair Weave

So after work yesterday I went to meet Ruth to get the weave done. (Some of you may remember Ruth from before she was replaces by WWGS) I asked her how long she reckoned it would take and she said definitely by ten! YEAH right! I was out of there just past midnight. We finished about 20 minutes before but then spent that time fooling around with the camera. So here are the pictures:

My Hair Weave History

I had my first weave in 1999 when I went on holiday. It was my first time ever and I loved it (for about a week.)You know how Beyonce says that when she gets on a stage she becomes her alter-ego Sasha? Well I too have an alter ego when I go on holiday with a weave, but the only difference is, mine alter-ego hasn’t got a name yet. If you have any suggestions feel free to throw them at me!

Jesus' Wife Came To Holla At Me With A Red Weave And Pink Plastic Shoes

I saw her big face peering through the window, and didn’t recognise her immediately as she was wearing a huuuuuge red weave and pink ensemble. As soon as she caught sight of me she immediately began waving her grubby oversized mitts at me and bellowed through the door, “Allo darlin’!”