A Step By Step Guide To Putting In A Hair Weave

So after work yesterday I went to meet Ruth to get the weave done. (Some of you may remember Ruth from before she was replaces by WWGS) I asked her how long she reckoned it would take and she said definitely by ten! YEAH right! I was out of there just past midnight. We finished about 20 minutes before but then spent that time fooling around with the camera. So here are the pictures:

The Sign In Front Of The Building Requests That You Do Not Spit

So on Monday morning I came into work and there was a sign with a stand (it’s own 5 foot tall stand, can you imagine?) put up in front of the main door that said, “Anyone bringing drugs into the college will be suspended.” Note the fact that it says suspended. Doesn’t that mean that you get a day or two off and then you come back happy as Larry like nothing has happened? The sign should say EXPELLED. Well it should say that if I was to approve of such a sign, but for the record I don’t.