Hassan The Burgular – East London Dodgy Dealings

At the bottom of the leaflet there was an address, a home telephone number and two mobile phone numbers. So a few days ago I called one of the mobile numbers. The guy seemed to be in a rush to get me off the phone. I was trying to explain the situation to him and he cut in — “What’s your address.” I paused because I didn’t know whether to give it to him or not. So I gave him an address, but not the full address.

Major Terrorist Attack – No More Hand Luggage

I turn on the radio at work. This is what I hear: 10 planes targets, Hand luggage. . . liquid explosives…Attack imminent… High alert… Raids last night… 21 arrested. I did not know any of this till I got into work. This morning I arrived at the tube station and there are signs up saying that if you are travelling to the airport that no hand luggage is being allowed, apart from absolute essentials in a plastic bag.