What Are Your Limits When You Are Married?

One day Deborah and I were at the hotel bar and restaurant with Richard (the guy who was on our plane and staying at the same hotel). We were eating and drinking. At one point Richard got up and went somewhere for about 5-10 minutes. When he came walking back to the table he was with Matthew. We were wondering how he and Richard knew each other. . . Well it turns out that they didn’t know each other. Richard had been near the front entrance fraternising with the security guards as Matthew had walked into the hotel.

A Pregnant Bride and Bridesmaids In Red Dresses

Pregnant Bride

I got home at 4 am on Saturday morning and had to wake up at 9 in order to meet Caroline for 10.30 to go and get fitted for my Bridesmaid dress with her sister and Rebecca. We all turned up about half an hour late, which the ladies in the shop appeared to be highly unimpressed by. None of the dresses fit, we couldn’t agree on anything and the lady kept pinning things and telling us to “imagine” Fuck that! Who wants to pay £200 on a dress and all you can do is “imagine” what it looks like.

Internet Dating

Internet Dating

Is a dating site a suitable place for a girl in her mid twenties to find a decent man? I personally wouldn’t do it because of the pressure. Joining a dating site says, “I want a man now!” When you meet someone you don’t have a chance to get to know them and make up your mind about them because you have said that that’s what you want and they will assume that you want them. Imagine you meet someone and they check all the boxes but you just aren’t feeling them, how do you explain that to them? Then there is the whole thing of going on awful dates in the first place… that to me is not fun at all! What if you want to leave half way? How do you do it?