Cookie Monster On Crack

On my way to a friend’s house from work I bucked up on a weirdo at the train station. The platform was bustling with people and Deebo starts making a scene. Yes this dude looked something like Deebo. For those that don’t know the black guy in the picture below is Deebo. He was a character in the film Friday

Titty Woman AKA Jesus’ Wife Returns

Titty woman AKA Jesus’ wife came lumbering into the office today with her big heavy footed elephant steps. One minute there were three of us working in the office and the next minute I was alone with TITTY WOMAN. Maaaaan that byatch can talk… yakkkkking ooooon and on about nothing. She comes in here all the freaking time but has never enrolled on anything. She didn’t have the wig on this time. She just rolled in bald headed, eyes glazed and black lipped like she’d been hittin a pipe all day.

Jesus' Wife Came To Holla At Me With A Red Weave And Pink Plastic Shoes

I saw her big face peering through the window, and didn’t recognise her immediately as she was wearing a huuuuuge red weave and pink ensemble. As soon as she caught sight of me she immediately began waving her grubby oversized mitts at me and bellowed through the door, “Allo darlin’!”

The Crazy Told Me That She Breastfeeds Her Husband

Let me start from the very beginning. I was at work, minding my business (you know as you do.) This lady comes in. She is big fat and heavy (“Any sound test me tonight Dem ah go bury” remember that?) and very smiley too smiley really. A glazed over, not quite right smiley. I’ve seen her before though so I am not concerned. I remember her being slightly off key, but a lot of them are, that I run into daily.

A Schizophrenia Diagnosis Is Not The End Of Life

Mental Illness Awareness

I have another mentally ill friend called Isabel. I met Isabel through another friend when I was 13/14. She was my other friends kind of step sister. Their parents werent married but were living together. So basically we all used to hang out on a Saturday at Trocadero. (That was the spot!) When I first met Isabel she was very quiet and withdrawn in contrast to her very outgoing and brazen step sister she kind of lacked confidence added to that her step sister was mixed and she was dark I think that gave her a complex about her colour as guys would always talk to her sister and never her.

My Friend Is a Schizophrenic


I was thinking about my friend Dwight who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. We lost contact for about a year or two but then about 3 years ago he started calling much more regularly than he had been but he would always sound weird… His voice was really dragged out and slow. The first time I heard him speak like that I asked him, “What’s wrong with your voice?”