I Love Licking Plates And Bowls – So What?

Sometimes when I am in doubt about licking a plate, I take time to think about the situation that I find myself in; after all I don’t need to lick a plate. If I want more food I can have more food. I am not in bootcamp where food is rationed, I am not starving. I tell myself, “no don’t do it” but then I flashback to a picture that was taken Christmas 1987. The reason this picture sticks in my head is that my brother has claimed ownership of it and likes to bring it out every time I see him to remind me of where I “came from.”

The Joy Of Being A Nose Picker

Nose Picker

I was just thinking last night about unnecessary lies and why people tell em. I can understand lying to reassure someone or make them feel good… you know things that it is acceptable to lie about. I have a friend who gets a kick out of lying, well I assume she must do or she wouldn’t do it so much…I have come to the conclusion that maybe she felt neglected as a child and is trying to make up for it now. I remember her telling me that she couldn’t pick her nose because her nostrils were too small (I know gross right) and I actually felt sorry for her because, on the real; imagine never being able to pick your nose…