A Visit From The Nigerian Po-Po Ends At Ojodu Police Station

I didn’t know what to think feel or do. Stunned temporarily my senses came back to me and I grabbed the bloody t-shirts that lay strewn across the floor. The boys were headed out the door, trailing behind Musa. I jammed the T-shirts behind a sofa and ran out the door after them. As we approached the gate the din behind it grew louder. We all stood at a distance from the gate, on higher ground in the compound.

Street fighting in Ojodu Lagos

Lagos Street

It was my second night in Nigeria and the first in Ojodu. After the excitement of the night before we decided to have a quiet night in. It was a lazy day and the five of us, that is me Kenneth, Chijioke, Nwoye and Nebechi were there lolling about on the sofa laughing about a girl that a guy we all know was going out with. Kenneth was telling the story about her shopping spree in Atlanta and how the girl was demanding to buy everything in the shop, not with her own money of course,