The Return Of The Fat Nyash AKA Shark Teefuses

If you ever wondered what happened to the fat nyash Richard dissed his girlfriend for then wonder no more. The lying toads were on our plane home. I call them liars because the night we were speaking to them at the club they told us that they were there for two weeks on business. Well clearly they can’t have been staying for two weeks as they were on our flights to and from and we were only in Gambia for a week.

The Monarch Airlines Flight To Gambia

Excess luggage

The beauty queen is taking her sweet time checking in as there is now a problem with the letter she has produced which allows her to carry excess luggage at no extra charge. Deborah and I manage to check in at another desk and make our through customs and to the duty free area. After buying random stuff at various shops at the airport we make our way onto the plane, the last to board before the gated closes.

The Atlanta Bomber

Suicide Bombers

We get to the airport and I remember the person at the checkout desk trying to hurry us onto an earlier plane. We didn’t know why at the time but I remember that we didn’t want to as we didn’t want to rush or hang around Texas for hours on end. So anyway we hang around the airport… take our time and then make our way to the gate at the designated time of our original flight.

Welcome to Jamrock

Woman reading

Jamaica, Jamaica. Welcome to Jamrock! Virgin Flight 69. There I was fresh from the upgrade success in Brazil and ready to blag my way into business or first class. I tried my luck, to no avail. I was refused and took the blow like my name was Evander, proceeding to first class like a champ.