I Chat Up a Man At Work Today


When he walked through the door I nearly had a heart attack. Tall, clear golden/bronzed skin, locks, eyes you could drown in and lips that could hypnotise. I was trying to compose myself and act normal but I must have come across as a lunatic He walked towards my desk, and I couldn’t stop giggling, so I tried to make it like I was laughing at something on my computer screen when in reality I wasn’t It was a nervous laughter I just couldn’t hold in.

The Portuguese is FLY!

White Shirt and Blue Jeans

Before he left he said to me, “You’re not working tommorrow, are you?” *heart palpitations* Was this a sign that he wants to ask me out? Or was he just asking so he knew when he could return the application form? I told him that No, we weren’t open on Saturday, so he would be best of returning later on today.