I Don’t Do Text Message Conversations

Text Message

I recieved a text something along the lines of, “How are you?” Now WHY OH WHY do people do this? I would never text someone, “How are you?” What is the point when you know that the answer 99.9 f the time the answer is gonna be, “I’m fine” or some variation of? And if a person isnt fine they aren’t about to get into it in a text message. So anyway I texted back, “I’m fine”(or some variation of *oh how so fukking predictable*) and why did this muthafukka start trying to get into some conversation about my love life or percieved lack of LOL!!! At this point I was not about to get into any text conversation at 12p a text when I have free calls so I just texted back (this was meant to be final mind you… let him know I do NOT do text conversations), “I know you are not trying to get into no damned text conversation.” Dude replies “no” and continues to ask another question! What the hell? If you want to have a conversation pick up the blasted telephone!