From Buccoo To No Man’s Land

After the internet café, I went back to the guesthouse Candles in the Wind – The place I stayed, (pictured above) where first I saw the lady downstairs who was trying to get me to go to a doctor because I had a mosquito bite that had turned into a boil that was getting of control (as they always seem to do, does anyone know if an anti- histamine shot can prevent this problem?)

Drowning In Peppermint Oil

I woke up early determined to go and get a mobile phone sim card (I hate feeling out of touch) I would have got one the day before but it was Sunday and practically everything was shut. While I was getting ready I heard a knock on my door. Wearing my headscarf I flung the door open to find a man standing there. His name was Jay. He was American, originally from Trinidad and had just arrived. He introduced himself as staying in the room opposite. After the formalities he left and then I went and asked the lady downstairs how I could identify a cab as I hadn’t seen any that I could pick out as cabs day before.

Goat Roti and Shark n Bake On My First Day In Tobago

After watching the BET music awards on the TV until late late night. I woke up about 5 am and finished reading Kola Boof’s autobiography. I swear I would not have been able to rest until I finished it (it was that gripping) so it was a good job that I did so as soon as I got there. I love Kola Boof…She may come across radical but her observations are SPOT ON! I love the way that she doesn’t mince her words and is so raw with it.