The Bounce In Bankhead Atlanta

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I got thinking about the Bankhead Bounce, and the club in Atlanta where it all started, The Bounce. It made me think about The Bounce (the club) and why I have never been there.

Firstly, it is in Bankhead. When I first went to Atlanta back Bankhead is one of the places that I was warned not to go as apparently it is not safe. I wouldn’t know how true that is as I have only driven through there. It didn’t look too bad to me. I saw a Subway and a few people on the street nothing really alerted me to in being a **Danger Zone** I had pictured boarded up residences, many many liquor stores, and loads of crackheads, beggars and drug dealers littering the streets, but that I did not see.

A British friend of mine told me that she had went to The Bounce in Bankhead. She warned me not to go there (not the area, the club.) She said that she was on edge as soon as she walked in. Even though she had enjoyed it somewhat she said that there was always the feeling that something was going to kick off and that there was a fight between two sets of girls the night that she went. Not only were girls fighting, but there were also plenty of girls with gold grills. Now I have seen many dudes with metal mouths but very rarely will a girl have metal in her mouth, let alone a full mouth of metal! That was all I needed to hear and so of course I didn’t attempt to go down there.

The last time I went to Atlanta. I met a guy that looked like TI outside Avondale MARTA station. I was waiting for a bus to South Dekalb mall to go and get my eyebrows threaded. It was a Sunday and the bus never came. I waited about half an hour before I realised that maybe it was never going to come. This guy lets call him John offered to take me Downtown where he knew this girl who did “the sharpest eyebrows.” I had nothing to lose so he left the friend that he was with and we got on the train to Downtown.

On the train he tells me that he is a Rapper and CEO of his own record label. I give a nod and smile and say,

“Oh right.”

Clearly this wasn’t the reaction he was looking for, so he starts saying,

“Don’t you believe me? I’m only on the MARTA because my license got suspended and I just got out of jail.”

Oh great! LOL! I didn’t say that I didn’t believe him I was just nodding I mean what was I suppose to say? Then to prove his point even further he brings out some cut up sheets of A4 paper with his label name and artist roster on it, and contact details I think they were supposed to be like business cards some SERIOUSLY BOOTLEG ones with spelling mistakes gone WILD and NOT on card, but flimsy paper. It took everything in my power to not crack up laughing. I just nodded again, and said,

“Oh wow!”

That must have been the reaction he was looking for because he was grinning like a Cheshire cat after that, exclaiming,

“See see I told you!”

Then he offers me a job working for him? What kind of bullshit is that? I must have a look that says “unemployed” because it is not the first time. He tried to persuade me and I declined.

He was a funny guy though I’ll give him that; he had me cracking up all the way to Downtown. We got there and walk out of 5 points station. From the minute we hit the outside, he knew everybody on the street It was, “Ay Shawty” this and “Ay Shawty” that. I found it strange for a man to call other men Shawty I thought that was reserved for females but obviously I was mistaken.

He takes me to The Underground to find this woman who supposedly does threading. In my head I am thinking that I KNOW no one in The Underground does threading and he is assuring me that this woman does. So we find the woman who has a beauty stall slap bang in the outside. I was thinking that he is taking me to a salon and at the same time thinking that I don’t care what this woman does but I am not amused at the idea of being threaded in the open air in front of everyone so that they can see the tears rolling down my cheeks.

I sit down and I see the woman bring out one of those small handled beauty supply store razors and she reaches for my brow. WHAT? Where is the thread? I duck out of the way and they both look at me like I am crazy.

“I said THREAD”

I am aghast! She replies,

“What’s that?”

That’s all I need to hear. I thank her and make a quick getaway. He follows. I tell him that I am going home (or rather back to where I was staying) and he invited me out to a club that night. I ask him what club and he tells me The Bounce. I say to him,

“I heard it’s dangerous.”

“Oh no shawty you wit me.”

“So it’s not dangerous?”

“Na it’s cool I got my body guards.”

“So what do you need bodyguards for?”

“I got shot there one time you wanna see the scar?”

That was all I needed to hear. I took his number and told him I’d call him that night. Needless to say I did not go.


  1. Jmac823200 says:

    The funny thing about this post is that a friend of mine and I were just talking about the Bounce. I went to Georgia Tech so I spent many years in Atlanta. Your friend painted the perfect picture of this place… Hilarious!!!

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