The Interviewer Told Me That Kenyans Are Savages

Interviewer 300x300 The Interviewer Told Me That Kenyans Are Savages

I’d seen this job advertised a few times before, and for that reason I was a bit wary about it. The first time I applied the job title and wage was slightly different but the job description was the same. The other thing that made me wary was the fact that it was a college specifically for International Students, i.e. a college that tries to extort as much money as possible and will take in anyone for that very purpose. There are no British or European Union Students because they are not going to pay out of the ass for somewhere that no one has heard of an is not recognized.

I turned up to the interview, well polished and early. My feet were in turmoil after traipsing the streets in new heels looking for the damn place. I found it and made my way to the reception area, where I told the receptionist who I was and what I was there for. I sat in the reception area for approximately ten minutes before I was greeted by a young white man who was to show me around. Our tour of the building began and as we walked around I asked questions about the place. One of those questions was what countries their students came from. He explained that they were mostly West African and South West Asian. He added onto the end,

“Unfortunately we don’t have many white students.”

I don’t know what he meant by that but I thought it strange that he would say that. Not European, but white, a specific racial marker. Did he mean in terms of embracing diversity or what? I couldn’t figure it out, but I just didn’t get why he would choose to say that to me, a black woman.

After the tour I was taken to the Principals Office where he solely would be interviewing me. I walked in and introduced myself to this skinny rat looking man. He stood back and didn’t say a word. After a long pause he spoke,

“Zara (pause,) Zara (pause,) Zara (pause) (he had this thing he was playing with in his hand as he said this something like a stress ball) I thought that was an Anglo Saxon Name.”

Now I was shocked. I didn’t know how the hell to take this. What does my name have to do with anything? So I said,

“Its a Muslim name actually.” To which he replied,

“No… no… no… (clearly a man who likes to say things in threes for added emphasis) I mean your surname.”

Now I’m thinking here is the principal of an International College, does he not know about the history of colonisation? I tried to explain I don’t know why I bothered,

“Well my father is Jamaican…” He interrupted and repeated himself,

“I thought it was an Anglo Saxon name.” There wasn’t anything more I could say. The guy was blatantly trying to say,

“I thought you would be white.”

I knew after this conversation that I was not going to get the job. I knew it and he knew it, but I still sat there like a lemon. He lay back in his chair, his groin thrusted forward, looking like an internet pervert ready to wank off on a webcamera,

“Sooooo tell me about your experiences in Kenya?” I started to talk and he interrupted,

“How did you find the people? They are aggressive aren’t they?” I replied,

“At the airport the cab men are pushy, because they know that you are a tourist and they want to get you in their cab, but you just have to firmly say NO, if you are not interested…” Another interruption,

“Lets face it they are a bunch of savages.” What the hell? Now I am thinking that maybe he is testing me. I try and defend Kenyans and really black people in general, because essentially he is trying to say black people are savages, but he has just focused on Kenyans as the target for this particular conversation,

“I wouldn’t call them savages at all.” He laughed. A sick twisted and witchy laugh,

“Oh come oooooooon.” (Yes he really did drag his words out like this.)

I was through at this point. I should have listened to my gut instinct when the first guy was talking about it being unfortunate there were not many white students. I wanted to get up and tell the skinny rat face that his institution want one that I would want to work in so it would be best for me to leave, but I didn’t.

I listened to his drivel until the end and answered his stupid questions that did not seem to have much to do with anything at all. I left, pissed that I even left out to go there in the first place.


  1. that job interview was a total disaster. I can’t stand interviewers like that! Don’t worry there are still a bunch of jobs out there, which will give you proper and better future. next time, be careful in choosing jobs to apply at. Check the background of the company before submitting your application. Good luck!

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