The Joy Of Being A Nose Picker

Nose Picker 300x225 The Joy Of Being A Nose Picker

I was just thinking last night about unnecessary lies and why people tell em. I can understand lying to reassure someone or make them feel good… you know things that it is acceptable to lie about.

I have a friend who gets a kick out of lying, well I assume she must do or she wouldn’t do it so much…I have come to the conclusion that maybe she felt neglected as a child and is trying to make up for it now.

I remember her telling me that she couldn’t pick her nose because her nostrils were too small (I know gross right) and I actually felt sorry for her because, on the real; imagine never being able to pick your nose… finger riding bareback or otherwise (as some prefer). When she had bogey in her nose she would do a strange kind of massage to get it out and then play around with a cotton bud to finish it off… I mean… seriously how much effort is that as opposed to just swiftly digging it out with your finger?

Anyway tell me why I was staying over this heffa’s house and I caught her picking her nose? full finger action! I could not believe my eyes… I had felt sorry for her all this time, meanwhile she is a fully-fledged nose picker.

I confronted her and she has nothing to say except, “I think my nostrils got bigger.” The damn cheek of it!

Still speaking on lies this is the same chick that told another friend of ours to put her knickers in the microwave to dry them (she had stayed over and didn’t bring spare underwear and so washed em in the morning) with the reassurance, “Oh I do it all the time.” Meanwhile I am standing there mouth ajar that this conversation is even happening… thinking that they have both lost their minds. My lying friend grabs the knickers and flings them in the microwave! Needless to say they caught fire and gullible other friend goes home knickerless.

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