The Numbskull IT Guy At My Workplace

Excuse the cursing in advance…

So do you guys remember the motherfucker that was talking shit about me not being able to cross my legs? If not then looky looky here:


The person I am referring to in this blog is the IT Guy from the linked blog.

So I was in another office when this wretched bitchface came up to me put his hand on my stomach and rubbed it in a rub a dub motion, as if to say…

“Ooooooh you’re getting fat.”

numbskull 232x300 The Numbskull IT Guy At My WorkplaceThis motherfucker always has some comment to make about my weight. I don’t even know him like that for him to approach me in such a manner. We aren’t friends and I don’t banter with him or anything. I rarely even say hello when I see him in the corridors. I might simply acknowledge his presence with a slight nod.

I could not believe it!

After I expressed the fact that I didn’t want him touching me the last time, this bitch came at me like that. This motherfucker is socially dysfunctional. The bitch then started laughing as if to say, “Whats your problem?” I said it for him again, clearly and firmly so he would understand,


He was still smirking. so I made an attempt to explain further,

“The last time you slapped my thigh and I told you not to touch me. Now you come in here rubbing my stomach. DON’T TOUCH ME and don’t make comments about my weight.”

I walked out and back into my office.

This motherfucker tried to follow me into my office. I heard his heavy big feet thudding behind me, hefty like an elephant.

Aaaah hell no!

As I turned to close the door shut I saw him reach for the handle and so pushed the door firlmy shut against him and locked it. Next came the sound of him trying to work the handle to open the door. I sat at my desk, about to continue about my daily business. All of a sudden round head comes bounding in, his big ugly mug adorned with a smug grin. I forgot he has skeleton keys.

I figure I’ll just ignore him.

What the fuck does he want anyway?

This bitch comes up to my desk, around it and behind my chair. How annoying! I hate people standing behind me when I have not invited them to do so… let alone an ugly mug, heavy footed, round head, thigh slapping, stomach rubbing freakazoid. He is standing behind me and chuckling like he has been possessed. He hasn’t come to say sorry. In fact he hasn’t come to do anything but be the nuisance that he is. He needs to move… NOW!!!

“Can you leave me alone?”

He doesn’t reply. He smirk is fixed.

“Just go away and leave me alone. Don’t slap my thigh. Don’t rub my stomach. Just leave me alone!”

A reply at last,

“Oh you want me to leave you alone.” What the fuck? Didn’t I just say that numbskull!!!

“Yes, leave me alone.”

“Ok I’ll leave you alone.”

The bitch then walked out. These motherfuckers are gonna turn me INSANE!!!

Of course making a fuss over this situation doesn’t make a difference because in my workplace my reaction to numbskull would be considered an overreaction. It should be perfectly acceptable for this man to pass all kinds of comments to me and touch me when, how and if he pleases. KMT.

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