The Portuguese is FLY!

White Shirt and Blue Jeans 195x300 The Portuguese is FLY!

Sun is shining, but not as bright as his smile.

White shirt

Faded denim jeans


White trainers




So the Portuguese guy came in about half an hour ago and filled in an application form, talked a little bit about what he wanted to do and then decided that he was going to go to the library to print of his CV to attach to the form.

Before he left he said to me,

“You’re not working tommorrow, are you?”

                           *heart palpitations*

Was this a sign that he wants to ask me out? Or was he just asking so he knew when he could return the application form? LOL

I told him that No, we weren’t open on Saturday, so he would be best of returning later on today.

So off he has gone to the library. Lets see if he comes back and what happens. I’ll update this entry accordingly.


He just came back in. He lingered for a bit, but there was no mention of anything. More crappy small talk, and he gave me the CV.

Sorry folks… I’m all out of smooth moves and another one bites the dust.

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