The Return Of The Fat Nyash AKA Shark Teefuses

Shark Teeth 300x200 The Return Of The Fat Nyash AKA Shark Teefuses

If you ever wondered what happened to the fat nyash Richard dissed his girlfriend for then wonder no more. The lying toads were on our plane home. I call them liars because the night we were speaking to them at the club they told us that they were there for two weeks on business. Well clearly they can’t have been staying for two weeks as they were on our flights to and from and we were only in Gambia for a week.

¬†On the plane they walk past our seats, look directly in our direction and ignore us. It’s kind of reminiscent of the cub night where they were acting like they couldnt remember us, except now we have met and spoke to them on more than one occasion. We didn’t make any effort to talk to them this time. Instead we started bitching about them,

Me: The cheek. Can you imagine?

Deb: They are disgusting. I don’t even want them to come over so I have to look at the shark teeth (They had little stubbly pointy gappy teeth. The both of them)

Me: I can’t believe they did that twice, the bloody cheek.

Deb: Come on now, those aren’t the sort of girls I would associate myself with. Business women my ass! Yeah, in the business of selling nyash. Look how they came straight off the plane and ran off with the first Gambian men they saw.

Me: (Laughing)

Deb: I mean it’s truuuuuuuue!

(Now the woman behind is chuckling)

Me: (Laughing even harder)

Deb: They are just a couple of fat slags

(Woman behind is doubling over)

Deb: (Laughing too) Bloody fat slags!

A voice cuts in

“Aye! I didn’t see youse there! Ow was youse lots oliday?”

I can’t believe it. I have almost stopped breathing. Speak of the devil. It’s one of the fat slags! As well as trying to hold my laughter in, I am mortified at having been caught mid bitching. I turn and pretend like I am fascinated by what is happening through the airplane window. I can’t look! I let Deborah deal with her. It doesn’t faze her. She chats away like we weren’t just slagging them off,

“Yeah yeah it was good, how was yours?

They talk for a minute or two before TFS returns to her seat and that was the end of that. As for Richard we didn’t see him again

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