The Sign In Front Of The Building Requests That You Do Not Spit

No Spitting Sign 243x300 The Sign In Front Of The Building Requests That You Do Not Spit  September 24th 2006

So on Monday morning I came into work and there was a sign with a stand (it’s own 5 foot tall stand, can you imagine?) put up in front of the main door that said,

“Anyone bringing drugs into the college will be suspended.”

Note the fact that it says suspended. Doesn’t that mean that you get a day or two off and then you come back happy as Larry like nothing has happened? The sign should say EXPELLED. Well it should say that if I was to approve of such a sign, but for the record I don’t.

Immediately I thought to myself… Does that mean that there is a drug problem at the college? I mean does putting a sign like that up right next to the entrance door give off a good impression? In my opinion it does not. It gives to me the impression that you are running a rehab centre and not an educational establishement. Is a sign like that going to make visitors think,

“Oh wow, what a great place to study. They really take drug abuse seriously”


“Gawwwwd… the place must be overrunning with druggies.”

Methinks the latter!

Seeing that sign on Monday morning took me back to the first time I came to Atlanta. I was wondering around the West End (I was new to the city) looking for a hairdressers and I rolled into one place to basically get a price list. The woman who was talking to me looked like one of these characters that you see in a hood movie; the neighbourhood crackhead who is always offering to suck random dick for a rock. As soon as I saw and heard her I knew that this salon was not the place for me. Her hair was a hot ass mess and she was slurring her words and sounding crazy talking about all the magical shit she could do for my hair.

While standing and talking to this woman my eyes meandered around this bruck down looking salon and stopped at this handwritten A4 sheet of paper that was stuck to the wall,




What the hell!!!???

I knew I definitely had to get out, but now I didn’t know whether this lady (owner maybe?) was going to take offence to this  and try to attack me all the while screaming obscenities and hacking up bogey phlegm. I remember just standing there and thinking to myself, what on earth would have made them put up such a sign in a hair salon? I mean how you can be taken seriously with a sign like that?

Am I wrong?

Do you think signs like this get rid of unwelcome visitors or contrarily encourage and welcome the crowd you appear to be trying to shun. I say they welcome them because once they see the sign you have put the idea of the unwanted behaviour in their heads.

Back to the crackhead in the A. I managed to get out of the salon in the end. I said that I would return (I had to say that) The woman damn near threatened me in her attempt to convince me that returning would be in my best interests. Needles too say I didn’t return!

With regards to the sign at my workplace. I think it’s a joke because the weed smokers congregate at the front door and on the railings at the front of the building and freely smoke marijuana. Noone ever says anything to them, but now they wanna start putting up signs like they are going to do shit! HAHAHA! Totally laughable.

One time they thought there was a kid running riot in the place with a gun and they don’t even evacuate the place. There were police running around the place with riot gear and none of the powers that be say a word to the little men (that means me). Why would they? I come to work to get shot up and dead up. Right?

Oh they so make me sick.

Thats why when shit hits the fan I will never hesitate to squeeze my ass through a window.

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