The Slave Quarters

Battered Sofa 300x200 The Slave Quarters

In my blog “Trip to Mangue Seco” I spoke about how when Neville stayed the night at the apartment, we offered him the upstairs room to sleep in and how when he heard noises in the night that he thought were insects or creatures of some sort, he did a runner.

Well I saw Neville today and was teasing him about it and he CLAIMS that he didn’t really hear noises in the night, but that he went back to his apartment because he felt he was being treated unfavourably by being relegated to the upstairs room.

I can’t believe it! I am outraged at this accusation. The man is delirious! Absolutely delirious. Because he has a phobia of insects and rodents he tried to make me feel bad. The bloody cheek of it!

He says that he left because he was upset at not being able to sleep on the couch. He says all the other guys got to either sleep in our beds or the couch and he was not even allowed on the couch. ALLOWED ON THE COUCH? Is he nuts? I thought that I was being nice. Clearly appreciation for good deeds is something that is rare these days. It was a small, hard and uncomfortable couch. I thought I would be insulting him by even suggesting he slept on it, knowing that we had a supersize room with a king sized bed, with clean linen ready and waiting.

He even called the upstairs room “The Slave Quarters” and says that I insisted on him going up there after he had repeatedly shown interest in the couch, and that by my escorting him up there. I was trying to banish him away from the main house. I was just trying to give him a healthy encouragement to enjoy a good night’s sleep. What is the point in sleeping on a hard couch?  Especially when there is a perfectly good bedroom with an ensuite shower. Some people are so ungrateful I tell ya.

You do a good deed and they go around slandering your good name.

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