To Be a Glamour Puss Is Hard Work

Glamour To Be a Glamour Puss Is Hard Work

I wish I could be a glamour puss but I for the life of me cannot glam up every day. I don’t know how people do it. Every single bloody day! I love my sleep too much to wake up the extra 45 minutes it would take to make myself look glam. Fixing hair, face, and clothes takes time. Some people always manage to look immaculate 24-7,  that’s like a full time job on top of a full time job. I guess they must be used to it. It becomes an essential part of their daily routine. I’m lucky if I have time enough to brush my hair and iron clothes.

If you look on top form every day then its struggle to stay that way and when you do slip people will be talking about you like, “Oh she fell off.” whereas if you look shit most of the time then that becomes the norm, you can’t fall off and to look glam is something different and special and people will notice and throw out the compliments. I wonder if glamour pusses get complimented every day on how great they look. Or do they see the same people all the time that are non-plussed by their glamness?

I’d love to wear heels every day but I’m afraid of breaking my neck, since where I live now is quite hilly. I twisted my ankle a couple of months ago wearing trainers (sneakers) so you can imagine what damage I’d do in heels wearing heels on a daily basis? I do love heels though. I think they make me look elegant and they make me feel glamourous. I just can’t deal with the discomfort of walking around in them unless it’s for a short period of time. I wasn’t always like this… I don’t know if its old age that’s turned me like this.

When I first started working I was so excited (my first job and first real money) that I went out and bought all this make up and wore heels and smart stuff all the time… Then one day I lost my foundation and I almost broke down. I didn’t want to go into work without it. I had foundation withdrawal symptoms. I actually wasn’t going to go into work without it. It was like the time when I wouldn’t go to school because there was no more cream in the house and I didn’t want to go to school ashy (although this is more serious because dry and ashy is not the look.) Looking at my face without the make up made me feel sick… I didn’t recognize myself… and my skin wasn’t even bad to begin with but it just looked different without the make up I felt laid bare and I didn’t like it. It was then I realized that I needed a clean break. I stopped wearing any foundation and stuck to the occasional blusher and lip balm and after a while I felt back to normal.

The whole reason I got thinking about this was because this morning a girl came in. She must have been in her late teens. 9’ 0 Clock in the morning and coming to study and the girl had a full set of false lashes… Thick thick ones too… I was stunned… I mean make up and clothes take long enough… but false lashes too… And they looked like the ones you apply individually… Damn what must she do when she goes out… bath herself in glitter? The other thing I didn’t get is that she didn’t even look like a glamour puss… She was wearing jeans, trainers and some dirty back pack… The eyelashes weren’t even completing “a look” so what was the point? I just don’t get it… I don’t even like to get my nails done if my hair isn’t going to be done around the same time… what’s the point of being “half finished”?

I remember when I was at Spelman I would have 8am classes and I would crawl out of the bed… shower… put on my trampiest gear and headscarf… go to class and then come back and sleep for a couple of hours. Some of the chicks in my classes would be dressed to the nines like they were going to a club with their highest heels, face full of make up… Fresh hair do… drenched in perfume and accessorised with a designer bag, usually Gucci. They amazed me… I was somewhat in awe because they would manage to do this every single day… WOW! Those girls were working it and there weren’t even any dudes around to try and impress as it was a girl’s college… LOL

Maybe one day I will be a glamour puss… I may try it one day…

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