Mangue Seco – Jandaíra Day Trip

Tieta Do Agreste Mangue Seco – Jandaíra Day Trip

I woke up about 5.30 AM to get ready for our Mangue Seco trip. I went to go and wake Neville who was meant to be sleeping in the room on the top floor. As I pass through the second floor I see the insect repellent and toilet paper that I gave him lying on a table on the patio on the second floor. This is strange.

I venture to the top of the apartment and call out his name. He is nowhere to be seen and the bed does not even look slept in. uh oh! I am envisioning kidnap. I don’t know why. I guess I just have a vivid imagination. I ask Kay if she has seen him. She too last saw him last night and not since… I don’t know what to think, his bag is next to the sofa in the living room which means that he must have intentions of returning. I decide to get ready and just wait to see if he appears by quarter past six.

A few minutes after six and the shrill ring of the doorbell fills the apartment. It’s Neville. He explains that he went upstairs and lay in the bed, but after 10 minutes of scratchy noises and not having a light to be able to see where the noises were coming from he simply freaked out and went back to his apartment… what a WUSSSSSSSS!

At around quarter past we all head out to find the hotel Barra Sol where we are meant to be meeting the Tour Guides (Itaprica) who are going to take us to Mangue Seco.

I first got the urge to go to Mangue Seco after watching the Brazillian film Tieta Do Agreste. There is a scene where Tieta and her companion are driving up and down sand dunes. Afterwards they roll down the dunes and the song A Luz de Tieta is playing:

“Todo dia é o mesmo dia

A vida é tão tacanha

Nada novo sob o sol

Tem que se esconder no escuro

Quem na luz se banha

Por debaixo do lençol

Nessa terra a dor é grande

E a ambição pequena

Carnaval e futebol

Quem não finge

Quem não mente

Quem mais goza e pena

É que serve de farol”

When they played that song..  and I saw those dunes, the sand buggies, the sun and the clear skies I wanted to be there soooo bad! So I finally got my chance to go. We left off in a mini Bus for Barra, picked up a couple of other people near Iguatemi and started on the Linha Verde (Green Line, the road that leads up to Pontal, the first ecological highway of the country, planned to prevent any impacts against the still virgin nature of the region. This ecological road binds the Bahia to the Sergipe.) We reached Pontal in about 3 hours and left the bus to catch a boat over to Mangue Seco.

As soon as we arrived we got on one of the sand buggies… It was so much fun catching the breeze sitting on top of one the buggies, all the whilst shrieking for the driver to go faster “Depressa… depressa.” We then stopped to do some sandboarding. After seeing Neville topple over I wasn’t about to attempt riding the dune sanding up and so went on the board sitting down… did that a few times and then got back on the Buggy which took us to a beach.

After laying out in the sun for a while the urge to run in the water despite not having brought swimwear was immense. Kay and I ran down to a deserted part of the beach and went in in our underwear. We attempted to swim and the waves attempted to drown us… It was fun. I can say that now cos I made it out of there alive… LOL
After swimming (or should I say attempted swimming) we sat down to a mean of Moqueca de Camarao (Bahian Prawn Stew)… mmm delicious… After more sun soaking it was time to head back to Salvador… but I’ll definitely be back and for at least two days next time!

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