Under my umbrella – ella – ella – ay

Brolly2 300x225 Under my umbrella – ella – ella – ay

My feet are all shrivelled up, like an old man’s dick, or I should say how I imagine an old man’s dick to be, since I have no experience with old dicks. It has been raining for the last two days like the world is flooding…

My ass is cold and tired, even though I haven’t danced too much tonight. I went with Chrystal to a bar/club in the West End called Digress. I digress… wny is it a week until June and it’s FUH-REEZING… Why? I can’t wait to get some heat in my bones and sun on my skin… ooooooh…. weeeeee!

So I’ve given up on my diet… being hungry and craven makes me miserable. Right now I’m feening for some croissants with egg, bacon and cheese. That is what I would have been eating right now if the motherfucker at the petrol station would have let me in… That’s another story…

So I walked from Forest Gate home this morning. Theoretically it’s close. In reality… In reality brick walls and concrete for a good walk do not make. There were no cab stations ANYWHERE! My shoes were talking literally… SQUELCH SQUELCH… We were walking down the road and having a conversation. I wasn’t enojoying it. I wanted the shoes to close their mouths and protect me. They don’t care about me and so continued talking. I suffered in the process.

The night was good, although I planned to stay in ALL weekend and rest, it wasn’t meant to be. When Chrystal said she was child free for the night, it was my duty to be there as a loyal friend… and so I was… Why were the 12 year olds ( ok maybe 18 or 19 or 20) hanging around us all night? I don’t mind a toyboy, but damn… I aint no paedo!
After the club We spent about an hour by Picadilly Burger King sheltering some guys from the rain with Chrystal’s “borrowed” umbrella from the club. They sang Rhianna’s Um- brella – ella -ella – ay and so it was a fair trade off… Chrystal an’ em insisted on eating one of those dirty street hot dogs and although I wanted to partake because it did smell so good… I could not because the last time I ate shitty street food I was projectile vomitting at 6 in the morning.

Anyway that’s enough. I’m going to bed. Here are some pictures from us in the rain uder the umbrella- ella – ella- ay… (Don’t mind the hair, it was POURING down!) Monday 28th May

Brolly4 300x225 Under my umbrella – ella – ella – ay

Brolly3 300x225 Under my umbrella – ella – ella – ay

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