Unruly Children Annoy Me

unruly child 300x300 Unruly Children Annoy Me

I am at work and I swear I am surrounded by crazy and unruly children.

I do not have children.

I am not a childminder.

I do not work in a creche or childcare facility.

You can see your child picking up everything and causing a RUCKUS. CONTROL YOUR KIDS BEHAVIOUR! Damnit!

One little boy is walking around picking up everything and making a lot of noise. His mother is ignoring him and every now and then shouts, “stop it!” to which he replies “NO!” Or some other piece of rudeness that he feels fit to say to her. Why is he running around into chairs and tables and your irresponsible ass does not do a damn thing?

Why do some people act like shouting loudly means you are effectively disciplining a child? So you shout at the child not even with eye contact, draw attention to yourself and the child ignores you. Clearly the only time you try and act “strict” is in public because your child is laughing at your feeble attempts of discipline. Being loud does not make put you in control. Being unnecessarily loud just makes you a loud fool. Recognize the difference between being stern and being a loud fool OK?

You can see staff chasing him and you are smiling as if it is cute. Control your child. It is not cute at all.

Why is this other little gremlin screaming uncontrollably? You need to take your application form LADY and fill it elsewhere. I dont want to hear your little gremlin crying and screaming. As cute and adorable as he is to you He is not to me… take your child and leave PLEASE! Plus I can now smell poo poo… that is DEFINITELY not cute… ugh… GO Away LADY!

I take it upon myself to see why the lady with the gremlin is taking so long. These application forms shouldnt take more than 15 minutes to fill in. Her and her gremlin have been here for about 45 minutes already. So I look over and she is filling the wrong section of the form. You know the part, FOR OFFICE USE ONLY.

Oh hell no! I calmly tell her that she doesnt need to fill that part in as it is for office use only, as indicated in capital letters on the top of the page that she is writing on. So she asks me for another form to fill in. IS SHE JOKNG? Oh hell no! She cannot fill another form in! I cannot put up with this gremlin any longer, who is now no longer sobbing but panting violently like a dehydrated dog having a heart attack and smelling like poo poo. I pounce upon her application form. “No no its fine dont worry we can cross that bit out,” I tell her, whilst I escort her and the poo poo gremlin to the door.

They leave and peace and quiet ensues (plus the sound of Mary J on the radio) ah bliss!

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