Waking up in Barra With Swollen Cuticles

Sunday 15th December 2007

I am so happy to finally be here. To wake up, look out of the window and see the sea right thurr makes it all worth it.

I got through baggage claim at about 10 pm. Cacicque, the taxi driver that Daniel (the guy that I am renting the apartment from) sent for me was standing there with big smiles as I walked through arrivals, holding a notebook open with my name in big ass letters written across two pages.

As soon as I got out of the airport I made my way to the arcarje stand opposite. It felt so good to gobble it down, as I did, after imagining it for so long. I arrived at the apartment about 11 or so. I like it. It is spacious clean, well equipped and has excellent views. I am pleased that I got a good deal. I was meant to go out with Mariana last night but I am glad that I didn’t because I was so tired that as soon as my head hit the pillow I was O-U-T.

Brazilian Acaraje 300x225 Waking up in Barra With Swollen Cuticles

As I wake up this morning the only thing that is really bothering me is the fact that the area around my fingernails is sore and swollen. I treat them with tea tree oil. Remember how I told you about the manicure and pedicure in the airport in Sao Paulo? The bitch that did my nails FUCKED ME UP! I saw her cutting skin around the cuticles and thought she was taking away a bit much, but I figured that she must know what she is doing, besides I did not know the Portuguese for, “Why are you fucking up my cuticles?”

Here are some pics of the apartment:



  1. Fly Girl says:

    Ahh acaraje! Brings back such lovely memories. You had a manicure in the airport? You're much braver than me! Thanks for visiting me, your adventures are really keeping me enthralled.

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