Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Serious Stuff

wisdom teeth in hand 300x225 Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Serious Stuff

Two people that I know have had their wisdom teeth out recently, which got me thinking about my wisdom teeth experience. Both of them had their teeth taken out at the in the dentist’s chair. One had two taken out and the other had four. I don’t know how they coped. Both continued on their daily routines the day after.

My experience was traumatic to say the least.

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was March 2004 and they (2 of them) had been giving me problems for a while. I finally got the operation booked. On the day of the operation, I went in and lay in a bed for a few hours. A nurse then came to see me. I think it was a nurse, but I can’t be sure. I was scheduled to get the bottom two out and then at the last last minute she says to me that I should get all four out.


I was horrified

All four!

Two was bad enough. She explained that with the bottom two gone the top two would fall down and cause me problems in the long run, like digging into the inside of my cheek. I was really reluctant.

She was being pushy as I was due to go in for the operation at any minute, and wanted me to tell her my decision. I was going to say no until she said,

“Trust me, if you only get the two taken out, you will have to take the other two out at a later date”

The thought of returning put the frighteners on me so I signed the forms to consent to having all four taken out, right after being told that if it goes wrong; when I drink the liquid may come out of my nose temporarily or even permanently.

I lay back in the bed and underneath the robe they had given me with nothing but my panties on, easy access in case anything went wrong I guess. No bra allowed. They wheeled me in and I felt panicked.

They stuck a needle into my hand.

I asked,

“How long is the needle going to be kept in for?”

The lying bitch next to me told me that they would take it out in a minute. A minute passed and went. They had no intention of taking it out any time soon.

I hate needles.

I asked again.

They started talking to me like they were trying to hypnotise me. I guess they thought the anaesthetic was working, but at that moment I was still wide-awake, so them talking like Paul McKenna was kind of funny, but annoying at the same time.

Then I had a thought back to a girl at school that had Spina Bifida. I remembered her telling me that they did surgery on her back but the anaesthetic did not work properly, so she could feel the whole thing. She could not alert them because she could not move but she was still conscious. I started thinking this would happen to me,

I have bad luck.

So I try and just talk about anything so they know that the shit has not worked.


Next thing I know I am up and I cant really move my mouth properly. Not only do I feel heavily sedated my face is battered…

Like post-fight Mike.

The corners of my mouth are bloody and scabby where they had obviously tried to prise open my mouth and almost ripping it apart in the process.

They send me home.

Before I leave I express concern that my mouth keeps filling up with blood. They tell me not to worry. Apparently it is not blood. It is my saliva that is mixing with the dried blood in my mouth giving the appearance of fresh blood.

Load of crap.

I tried to explain to them that it was fresh blood but they werent having it, and off home I went with tissue in my mouth that they had told me to bite on to help clot the blood.

I went to sleep on white pillow and woke up on a red one…The blood was just gushing out I looked like something out of a horror flick, all my teeth were covered in a red film.

Frankenstein’s Monster

I called my mother and she took me into the Dental Emergency Department. Luckily there was none else there so I got seen straight away. As soon as I opened my mouth to explain I could feel the bottom of my mouth cradling the blood. They said that it looked liked the holes from surgery had not been plugged properly and so they plugged the holes and sent me home.

Now after going through that ordeal I don’t know how people continue with their daily routine as per usual. I ended up taking 2 weeks off work.

I could not brush my teeth properly in that time.

I could not eat solids

Every time I ate yoghurt or drank juice the stitching would flap around and I would taste the taste of the yoghurt or drink on the stitching afterwards it was sooooo gross. Even when I went back to work I couldnt eat hard foods for a while, and my jaw felt very sore.

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