Yahoo Chat Online Back In The Day

Yahoo chat 300x262 Yahoo Chat Online Back In The Day

I am in my final year at Lancaster University in the North of England. I am on the computer and “Who are you?” flashes up on my screen. I am on Yahoo Chat Online and  it is a Yahoo Instant Message. He is called RuffRyder. I know he has been on my list for a while, but I don’t know exactly who he is. I reply back, “Who are you?” I figure I may as well just throw that back at him, because what do you reply to a question as broad as “Who are you?”

I mean who one is encompasses so many things that you are just not going to get into with any stranger on the Internet who asks. Perhaps I was meant to say my name, but considering that I didn’t know anyone on my Yahoo Messenger in real life. I figured none of them would know my name anyway.

So then RuffRyder asks me where I am from. I tell him London and I in turn ask him where he is from. He tells me Miami. So now I have figured out that I met him from one of the Yahoo Miami Chat Rooms that I frequented before a trip I made to Miami in 2000. I remembered that he had told me some of the hotspots and afterwards we spoke randomly on Yahoo Instant Messenger now and again.

So now RuffRyder tells me that he has a friend in London. He tells me that her name is Zora and that he met her whilst at school in Atlanta. On hearing this I am floored. In those four letters Z-O-R-A, a misspelling of my name. I know who RuffRyder is immediately. I had only met one person in my life that called me Zora despite being corrected umpteenth times plus the fact that I too had been in Atlanta.


Fast Forward to the following year. I am an exchange student at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Spelman College is part of the Atlanta University Centre and the AUC run a shuttle bus service from the Marta station to campus. One night I caught the shuttle from the West End Station to campus and got talking to a guy called Abel. He was very friendly and at the end of the journey he took my number. We became fast friends, talking on the phone all the time and hanging out every now and then. I even forgave him when he put me on three-way with his brother without my knowledge (can you imagine? That is a horrible thing to do to someone.) Before I left to come back to the UK we didn’t swap details and so we lost contact.


Fast forward back to being in front of the computer in Lancaster. I typed back to RuffRyder, “Ruff?” and then “Abel?” He was as shocked as I was to see that I was “Zora” especially since we had not swapped emails.

It turned out it really was Ruff who I met on the AUC shuttle bus. Unbelieveable! Strangely enough he had been on my Yahoo Instant Messenger list for years and so I knew him before I ever really knew him.

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