Ying Yang Twins Whispering Is Sexy

Ying Yang Twins Ying Yang Twins Whispering Is Sexy

“Ying Yang Twins Whispering is sexy”

This is what my friend Ruth said to me at work . I felt like I had to share this tidbit of information because there is no one else here that I could share my horror at this with.

Now ain’t that some shit! A seemingly decent young woman uttering such obscene language. This just shows that you can never judge a book by its cover. Behind seemingly innocent faces often lurk, a persona that goes weak at the knees on the appearance of unwashed dreadlocks, incoherent sentences and metallic breath. You learn something new every day. Acting as if you are illiterate, brandishing a mouth full of hot metal and “whispering” graphic sexual language as though you have emphysema and are high on crack is not sexy. Well not to me anyway, but apparently to Ruth it is.

I’d like to give the background to this story. Rap music by the Ying Yang Twins just came on the radio and Ruth was telling me about a story of how she was in a club and the Ying Yang Whisper Twin song came on. She continued to tell of a guy coming behind her and whispering in her ear. I expressed my disgust at this bold act of crassness. She too said she was alarmed until she turned around and saw a vision of chocolate heaven before her. Then it all changed, and the story kind of ended there.

So at this point Ying Yang are still on the radio and ask her if the song playing is the remix to the whisper song and she says to me, “No it’s a new song.” So I wonder out loud, “Well what are they still whispering for?” and to my utter horror she replied back perfectly nonchalantly as if it were a perfectly normal thing to say, “BECAUSE ITS SEXY!”

So remember folks you heard it here first… Ying Yang Twins whispering is sexy.

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