You Birthed The Spawn Of Satan So Deal With It

Satans Spawn 300x300 You Birthed The Spawn Of Satan So Deal With It

This lady comes in to fill in an application form. She comes in with two kids. One is about 9, I’d say and the other about 5. She sits down at a table and starts filling an application form and puts the two boys on some other chairs nearby. She has her back to them. The littlest one is a terror. First he opens one of the doors and starts running down the corridor. The woman just turns and glares at the oldest one. Its a glare that she probably gives him every day. He knows what it means and he shoots after the little one. Taking hold of him forcibly as the terror is screaming and wailing at not being able to run free.

So now both boys are back in the office and she is still filling in a form. The little one is crying and crying. What the hell? I don’t get paid enough to listen to this noise. The little one gets up again and runs to the front door which is incidentally right next to the desk where the mother is sitting. He is opening and locking the door. The wench can hear this kafuffle and doesn’t bat an eyelid. It is only when I bring it to her attention by saying,

“Excuse me, can you watch your child. He is going to hurt himself.”

That she decides to enforce some discipline

On the well behaved child! What? Ain’t that some shit?

She starts shrieking at the older boy in Spanish and he drags the younger one onto the seat next to him. The little one is now crying again, very loudly. Now I don’t know how it goes down in her household. She may enjoy listening to that shit day and night, but in public she should appreciate that not everyone wants to hear her child carrying on with nonsense.

Soon bored of crying the little one decides to spit in his older brother’s face and then on the floor a few times. Now, she doesn’t see this happen but she sure knows it happened because the older child tells the younger to,

“Stop spitting.”

The wench doesn’t even turn to see what is going on with her kids. I’m outraged and decide to speak,

“Your child is spitting everywhere.”

She then goes into a mad rage again directing her anger to the older boy.


I want to tell her,


Of course this would be totally inappropriate so I don’t say it and look on while the older boy is reprimanded for his brother’s actions.

I don’t get why some parents do this, make the older child responsible for the younger at all costs. It’s not fair. The older one is a child too, why should he take responsibly for everything his brother does?


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