You Man Is Shacked Up With Another Chick

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This is a quick short blog based on a conversation I just had with a friend.

My friend (Theresa) lives with her guy friend (Tommy). She rents a room from him. They live together in a two bedroom house in Manchester.

Tommy has a girlfriend that he has been going out with for the past 8 months, lets call her Melinda. Melinda has an 8 year old little girl and they come up to Manchester every other weekend to visit.

Melinda and Tommy are kinda serious. So serious that Melinda suggested to Tommy that they move in together. Somehow a misunderstanding occured and Melinda was under the impression that Tommy wanted her to move in with him.

Melinda told Tommy that she wanted to move out of London and up to Manchester and Tommy had been all for it, not realising that she wanted to move in with him.

Fastforward to the point where Melinda has packed up her stuff and moved her kid out of school. It was only just before the big move that the misunderstanding came to light. Melinda was furious but accepted Tommy’s offer to rent out another flat that he owns which has two bedrooms.

Due to the fact that she wasn’t going to be moving in with Tommy, Melinda brought with her a female friend to Manchester to live with her in the two bedroom flat. Both jobless on arrival my friend Theresa hooked Melinda’s friend up with a job, however Melinda remains jobless to date.

Now Theresa and Tommy have a history together. Although they are just friends at the moment, at one point (a few years back) there was something more.

So Teresa and I were just talking and we both couldn’t get why the chick would sleep over their place almost every day with her kid but still Tommy couldn’t commit to moving in with her properly? What kind of sense does that make?

And for Melinda, how on earth does it make sense to move halfway across the country for your man and he is shacked up with another woman? Is it just me or does this not make sense AT ALL?

Why couldn’t he move in with Melinda and rent the other place to Theresa?

Theresa told me that she feels uncomfortable being there as she knows that Melinda doesn’t want her there, plus with the kid making noise for hours on end and the both of them taking over the whole house, the situation is doing her head in, however Tommy is as happy as Larry with the arrangement.

Melinda on the other hand wants to start planning a family as soon as possible and is putting the pressure on Tommy. Tommy claims he is not ready yet, but doesn’t want to let her go because he is in his late 30′s and she MIGHT be the one.What the frigg is that about? Melinda has requested that Tommy throw Theresa out to make room for the kid and he has refused, saying that he will never throw a friend out. However Theresa has told him she can move and he doesn’t want her to.

I personally think that perhaps he still has the hots for Theresa. Only recently he made a drunken pass at her,after which they had a fumble and a snog. When I asked her if he still had the hots for her she claimed that it was “nothing” and that he was “just drunk.”

Or perhaps he has just got himself in deeper than he wanted with this chick (what with her totally leaving behind her whole life for him) and is using Theresa as an excuse to not let the relationship progress. I guess some people don’t like being alone and will stick with someone their heart is not really with until something better comes along.

If you were Melinda how would you feel? Would you have moved halfway across the country when you realised that you were not going to be living in the same place as your man?

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