Ibo Restaurant Review

Ibo restaurant in Cais De Sodre Lisbon for the main I had the steak with gorgonzola sauce. The steak was perfectly cooked and the sauce accompanying was dreamy. There was alot of sauce and I didn’t think that I could possibly finish it but I assure you I did. It came with salad and hand cut fries which were also good. My only complaint would be that the fries were simply warm and not hot as I’d have liked. The cheescake was the best I’ve ever had, simply superb. The filling was light and the base too was light not stodgy and full of sugar granules as it sometimes is. The topping was indulgent and delicious.


Lavender Hill to Clapham Common – A Silly Conversation

The most ridiculous conversation takes place on the phone about how to get from Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction to Clapham Common. A woman calls my work place to tell me that she is in front of Lavender Hill Magistrates Court. Hoever the office is not anywhere near Lavender Hill Magistrates Court. Having too many conversations like this will turn a perfectly sane person like me completely insane.


Beyonce Huh?

My eyes were first drawn to the black and gold striped scarf upon her head. Her expression was surly, thick upturned lips darkened from years of smoking right down to the butt, pug nose, ashen brown skin and pop eyes frames by harsh square black frames.
Wow! Is this the person with whom I am going to be spending the next two weeks with? The previously joyous atmosphere was smashed in an instant by her icy glare. Uncomfortability permeated the room and my heart sank. The only saving grace was that I would not be sharing a room with her.

Disabled Parking Sign

From Roller Skating To Running From The Police

The first time I was at Chris’ house chilling with a friend and then we decided we were going to go roller skating at Cascades so we went to Walmart to buy socks, as we didn’t have any. Chris parked in a disabled space, waiting for us outside (Why I do not know… I didn’t even realize at the time.) We were by the tills about to pay for the socks when we heard a policeman talking to the checkout girls about some guy that they were looking for. The police man was showing the girls somebody’s license and asking if they had seen the person. I didn’t think anything of it, until my friend whispered to me that it was Chris’ license. I thought that she must have got it wrong… after all we just left him in the car less than 20 minutes previously.

Champagne on Ice

I Was Carjacked On The Way To Club 112

It was just after Dominica’s 21st birthday and going to be her first over 21 clubbing experience in Atlanta. It was towards the end of the Semester, during exam period, but we didn’t give a fukkk we were ready to partaaay! We were going out with Chris; our Morehouse friend (well back then we didn’t know him that well as we had only met him a few weeks previously, but he was a fun loving guy and we were going out with him for about the third time in two weeks.) The club of choice was 112 on Cheshire Bridge Road. (Man I loved that place so much I still remember the name of the road) Dominica was hyped to be going, as it would have been her first time there.

Blood Stain

I’m Bleeding Byatch!

The reason for this blog is an, “I’m bleeding bitch moment.” I just had in the office. My long term blog readers will remember my Senegal trip where I was period-ing all over the gaff. If you don’t know click HERE. On the nine hour trip from Gambia to Senegal I wanted to take a toilet break and Jacob kept telling me to “hold it,” forcing me to have to declare, “I can’t hold it, I’m bleeding bitch!” So today I came on my period at work. I didn’t even know it was coming as I don’t track it in a diary or anything.

Natasha Vodka Brazil

You Cannot Wear Pink Panties With a Chiffon Cream Dress

It has been a while since I wrote about what has been going on here, so here is a quick summary for you. Sasha came from Rio and stayed for a week. He was the guy that I met here last year through the Rogue Trader. I hooked him up with an apartment from Dona Maria Jose, the lady I got mine from. In Dona Maria Jose news. I found out that the oven in my apartment had a gas leak (or so it seemed as everytime I put the oven on the partment would fill with the smell of gas.) She sent a technician round and he couldn’t fix it. One day I bumped into her in the bank the day after the technician was supposed to make the second visit. I told her that he didn’t come. I was then told that they were waiting for parts to come through from Sao Paulo.


Chased Out Of My Apartment By A Cockroach

I have been here for exactly a week now, although it feels like I got here yesterday. It had been a non stop whirl of partying, eating and drinking until Thursday. It was too sweet for there not to be a sour! On Sunday night Mariana invited her two friends Victor and Ugo around to the apartment, and we hung out here.We then spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Pelourinho, where there are concerts and performances going on nightly.

Brazilian Acaraje

Waking up in Barra With Swollen Cuticles

I am so happy to finally be here. To wake up, look out of the window and see the sea right thurr makes it all worth it. I got through baggage claim at about 10 pm. Cacicque, the taxi driver that Daniel (the guy that I am renting the apartment from) sent for me was standing there with big smiles as I walked through arrivals, holding a notebook open with my name in big ass letters written across two pages. As soon as I got out of the airport I made my way to the arcarje stand opposite.

Getting Upgraded To Business Class

I have been up for the last hour because my mother turned up in her usual unannounced fashion with a bag of loofah and a bag of sanitary towels. Please don’t even ask me why because I do not know myself. In the bag there were all different types and colours Allways and I was baffled! Thats mothers for you! I’m excited about this trip, but at the same time dreading the mammoth journey that lies before me. I’ve only taken 3 flights (back to back) once before and I SWORE I would never do it again… Well so much for swearing as here I am!